Custom-taileord app for Mitsubishi CNC

 available for desktop, tablet and smartphone without coding.

Devices: PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone


PRO-AppDesigner main screen
PRO-AppDesigner main screen


PRO-AppDesigner is a Windows program and generates, through a graphic interface, apps that run on different operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows.

Integrated in PRO-MMI, events such as program changes, item counter changes, user changes, error messages or any other information such as order number, program information and program comments can be automatically displayed in the app.

It is also possible to use CNC-specific values such as operation mode, operation status, register values...

All texts and values can be set and sorted as required using drag'n'drop.

This is controlled with the PRO-MMI scripting module. This means that any applications and information are also possible across devices for communication.

Install Demo App

Demo App
Demo App


The demo app is a so-called PWA (Progressive Web App). This can be installed on any device as follows: